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The AGC is a vibrant hub for everyone who shares a love for the EDM scene. Whether you're a passionate PLURpreneur, a creative PLURcaster, or a dedicated PLURgoer, we offer a space to connect, collaborate, and celebrate your love for PLURR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility).


About The Abstract Garden Collective:

It sounds interesting, but what exactly is it?

The Abstract Garden Collective (AGC) is your one-stop hub for all things EDM! Whether you're a passionate PLURpreneur (business owner), a creative PLURcaster (content creator), or a dedicated PLURgoer (attendee & participant), we offer a collaborative space to connect, learn, and celebrate your love for the scene. Built by two passionate small businesses in the EDM community, Neon Abstracts (Alyssalynn) and Garden of EDM (Eve), we aim to empower everyone through collaboration, education, and upholding the core principles of PLURR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility).

Why Should You Join?

Here are just a few reasons why the AGC is the perfect place for you, no matter your role in the PLURRverse:

  • PLURpreneurs (Business Owners): Expand your network, gain access to mentorship, and explore collaboration possibilities with other creative businesses. Stay ahead of the curve by learning industry trends and discovering new ways to innovate and grow.
  • PLURcasters (Content Creators): Partner with PLURpreneurs for content creation and promotion. Gain access to workshops and resources to hone your skills and build your audience within the engaged PLURgoer community. Amplify your voice by collaborating with other PLURcasters and receive exposure to potential brand partnerships.
  • PLURgoers (Attendees & Participants): Deepen your connection with the EDM scene! Find your festival crew, learn valuable tips and resources from experienced members, and experience the positive vibes of PLURR through fun events and workshops.

Events you say?? What Kind of Events?

We will offer a variety of online and offline events:

  • Live streams & interviews: Engage with PLURpreneurs and PLURcasters, gain industry insights, and ask questions in real-time.
  • Kandi making parties (online & in-person): Unleash your creativity, learn new skills, and connect with fellow partygoers in a fun and collaborative environment.
  • Festival meetups: Connect with fellow PLURgoers before, during, and after major EDM events.
  • Friend matchmaking: Find your party fam! We can facilitate connections between PLURgoers who share similar tastes in music and festival preferences.
  • PLURR workshops: Learn about the history and importance of PLURR principles through interactive workshops and discussions.

How Does the AGC Promote PLURR?

PLURR is the foundation of AGC. We foster a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels respected and valued. Through workshops, discussions, and community events, we encourage a positive and supportive environment that embodies the spirit of PLURR.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

AGC is a community built on collaboration! We encourage active participation and value the diverse perspectives of our members. We believe that by working together, we can create a thriving and supportive ecosystem within the EDM scene.

Join AGC today and become part of something bigger than yourself! Let's celebrate our love for EDM, empower each other, and keep the spirit of PLURR alive!

  • PLURpreneur

    Grow your EDM business! Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, access mentorship, and find collaboration opportunities to expand your brand and reach.

  • PLURcaster

    Elevate your content creation, connect with fellow creators and passionate fans, and amplify your voice within the EDM community.

  • PLURgoer

    Connect with like-minded people, learn about PLURR and festival safety, discover new music and artists, and participate in fun events.