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Absolutely loved what came in the kit!

It came with so many different things that are unique and things that I wouldn’t just go out and buy myself. The box was detailed and conformed to things that me and my girlfriend enjoy and love. It was super cool and I will definitely be ordering a large rave kit when they come out again.

Everything was packaged with the utmost care!

Each item was handpicked based off of my preferences and I’m so excited to use my rave kit!

Oh I absolutely loved everything I got in my order! It was perfect!

The pin and mushroom perler bracelet was perfect! Mushrooms are my favorite thing right now, thank you so much!!!

I’ve always been at a festival thinking, “I wish I had…” NOT AGAIN!!

These kits are literally everything and more! I love that they include little cards for all the small businesses involved in stocking these kits—you know you’re getting high quality stuff and it definitely shows.


I absolutely loved my box.

The cards were amazing and the Griz card made my entire year. The large excision pearler I traded at EDCO with a friend I made. He loved it. I loved the variety in the box and how I bit a little bit of everything. It was so great to get right before EDCO. So I got to trade a lot and make so many great memories. I highly recommend this box before a festival. It gave me so much to trade and so many memories.

I thought the kit was cute, loved everything it came with!

It’s an awesome idea that you have came up with and I even ordered another small package right after opening mine! ♥️♥️

Neon Abstracts and Alyssalynn have outdone themselves once more with this stellar rave kit - my s...

My partner and I snagged this medium-sized gem for EDC Orlando, and let me tell you, it was a hit. The Kandi singles and pasties were an absolute blast - so much color and flair. And those glasses? My fiance just can't resist stealing my diffraction and tinted heart ones every time! But wait, there's more! The rave jurni was a lifesaver at Edco. When my phone was on its last breath, being able to jot down important info was a game-changer. And the bubbles? Talk about a bubble formula that's off the charts amazing - seriously, I've never blown better bubbles in my life! Oh, and let's not forget the Zeds Dead Perler earrings. They're not just stylish, they're practically weightless! I could headbang all night without feeling a thing. As for the festi cards and stickers - they were top-notch, exactly what I expected from Neon Abstracts. But my absolute favorite? The Neon Abstracts design blanket. Soft, cozy, and the perfect companion for festival camping adventures. In short? This kit is a festival-goer's dream come true!

Loved my kit!!!

Im obsessed all the goodies that were picked for me & I can't wait to use/wear them all at my next festival !! Thank you so much & stay plurrrr✌️✌️🌈

5 stars all around!

I was so excited to open it up and see what was inside!!

The inside was so full and definitely exceeded my expectations!

To say that the rave kit from Neon Abstracts is the perfect PLUR box is an understatement.

Perfect does not even come close to describing this box of love, thoughtfulness, intention, sunshine, and so much more. Knowing that every piece included in this kit is handpicked for me based on my interests means more than words can describe. I have stumbled across a few different “rave kits” and “rave bundles”, but I never felt like one was meant for me until I came across the one from Neon Abstracts. You are truly building a business that will take the community by storm and we are all here to support you through the highs and lows 💖 I look forward to the day we meet in person to thank you face-to-face, but for now just know that I am forever grateful. You and your small business are and will forever be worth it. Never doubt yourself and the heights you can reach! ✨

So my purchase was an impulse buy that I did not tell my partner about.

He was a little upset with me. I don't regret it though because once I showed him everything that came in it he was blown away like I was. I am absolutely in love with my rave kit. From the packaging stickers and bright colored envelope to all the goodies inside and even cards from all the businesses who's work is included in the package. The items in the package fit what I like and what artists I adore. It was like you knew me just from me answering a couple questions. I love the amount of thought that goes into this. I can not wait to place another order with you soon. ( this time with my partner knowing haha) thank you so much for this amazing kit.

My rave kit is exactly what I wanted!

The Kandi is awesome. I love my pash. The pasties are the cutest I’ve ever seen. Im absolutely in love with the perlers. I’m going to be ordering my boyfriend one so he doesn’t feel left out :)

You did great compliments to picking and choosing everything perfectly for me! Thank you so very much

I loved my box!!

Everything was so cute and well made! I absolutely love the festi cards and the fan I got! I can’t wait to break everything out for EDC and probably buy another one for my husband as a Christmas gift!

I really felt like every item was hand picked for me specifically!

I am OBSESSED!! My box was the cutest thing ever with all my favorite artists represented. I love the small artist shoutouts and the business cards to find them. I can’t wait to get one for my friends!

Even though I had a phase 4.5 preorder it came within the same month and everything was even better than I imagined. I felt so special with everything picked for me and I am totally ordering again soon!!

Absolutely obsessed with my order!!

I loved it so much can’t wait to use it all at my first rave!! it’s absolutely perfect

Loved my package!

Everything came timely and neatly packaged. Will be ordering again!! 🥰

Loved every part! From the Kandi, to the stickers and festi cards!

I went through every single item and was like this is so cool! Or look how cute this is! The best part was that I had requested for a pashmina, mainly because it would be my first one! And the colors and design of the pashmina didn’t disappoint and I’m glad I had you to choose it for me! Can’t wait to order again.! Felt like getting a package from a friend who know me so well 😊

I LOVED my kit!

Thank you for my goodies! I’m obsessed! It brought enough happiness until the next purchase :)

Perfect selection!

I loved everything I got. Price very reasonable. Fast shipping. Thank you.

Literally the nicest person ever!!

And the cutest kit! Loved everything about it. My friend borrowed some of the kandi I didn’t use and ended up keeping some AHAHAHAA

I’m obsessed! I love everything I got. I will definitely order another kit for my next rave