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Cosmic Dreamer Trippy Rave Fan

Cosmic Dreamer Trippy Rave Fan

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Limited Edition - Stay cool in the crowd and spread the love by fanning yourself and your neighbors with this Large 13" Trippy Fan featuring the original artwork Cosmic Dreamer by Neon Abstracts. This fan is a must-have accessory for any rave or festival, and it's sure to add a trippy touch to your look.


  • Large 13" size for maximum airflow
  • Features the trippy "Cosmic Dreamer" artwork by Neon Abstracts
  • Perfect for raves, festivals, or anytime you need to cool down
  • Limited edition - only 10 available!

Get yours today before they're gone!

Pro Tip: These fans are usually included in your rave kits, but due to popular demand, we've made a limited number available for purchase separately. Snag yours before they're gone!

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