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Small Rave Starter Kit Pre-Order (Free Shipping!)

Small Rave Starter Kit Pre-Order (Free Shipping!)

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Estimated ship date for orders placed after 6/3 is 7/9/24.

Need a Rave Refresh?
Ditch the stress and keep the party going with our Rave Essentials Reorder Kit! This perfectly-sized bundle features everything you need to replenish your rave supplies and keep the good vibes flowing.

Skip the Scramble, Focus on the Fun: We've curated a collection of must-have essentials to keep you shining bright, hydrated, and ready to dance the night away. No more frantic shopping trips, just grab your kit and go!

Supporting the Rave Fam :Just like our Standard Rave Starter Kit, this Reorder Kit features products from local artisans, independent artists, and rising rave gear brands. You'll get unique, high-quality festival fashion while supporting these talented creators.

Here's what's included in your Small Kit:

  • Trade & Share:
    • 1 Perler Kandi Bracelet
    • 4 Kandi Singles: Keep the good vibes going with new kandi to trade and share.
    • 4 Festi Cards & Lanyard: Rep your favorite DJs and festivals and collect more with these included cards and lanyard.
    • 4 Artist Stickers: Show off your festival fandom with these handmade vinyl stickers.
    • 2 Sprouts: Because, you know, gotta keep the peace!
  • Accessorize:
    • 1 Small Body/Face Glitter (.8oz): Add a touch of sparkle and shine.
    • 1 Face Gem Set: Replenish your face gem collection for a dazzling look.
    • 2 Pairs of Pasties: Comfort and confidence are key!
  • Stay Hydrated & Healthy:
    • 1 Raveraide Hydration Packet: Replenish your electrolytes and stay cool.
    • 1 BoomBoom Nasal Inhaler: Feel refreshed and ready to party.

Bonus: +($2) Harm Reduction Add-on Pack includes testing strips, safety info cards, and consent YES/NO cards (coming soon: heat stroke awareness guide and more!)

Free Goodies: Choose between a mini scoop of Mini Buddy's tradeables or a bag of kandi-making charms to personalize your own kandi!

Please Note: Due to processing time for our small business partners, these Rave Essentials Reorder Kits are currently pre-orders only. We're hustling to get them to you ASAP, but please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. Estimated ship date is 7/9/24.

And the best part? Free Shipping!

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